Stardate 2016.10.07

Morgan swimming in a pool
"Taking a swim in a member's pool."

Sorry for the late memo, but summertime is so much fun. There’s swimming, sun bathing, playing with friends, and an occasional Handel’s Ice Cream Cone.

Morgan working on her tan
"Working on my summer tan."

Of course I’ve been busy working by greeting all our members to DOY and assisting with all those mortgage closings.

Morgan in Mosquito Lake
"Cooling off in Mosquito Lake."

In addition, I have to keep our outside grounds free of critters like chipmunks, rabbits, and squirrels. By the way, I ran into some wild turkeys in the woods next door. They were not very friendly, but I don’t think they will be back anytime soon. The big guy almost flipped out when I started chasing them. I guess they can be pretty nasty if they are forced to fight.

Morgan playing with Bindy
"Meet my friend Bindy."

August was really a busy month. We did over one million dollars in mortgage loans and a whole bunch of tuition loans. With the tuition loans, many of our members brought their little people with them. That gave me the chance to play “fetch the ball” or play “tug the toy” with them.

Morgan and Boomer in the lobby
"Me and Boomer messing around
in the lobby."

Besides the little people, members bring their dogs for me to play with. It is so much fun meeting new friends and playing with them in the lobby.

Morgan and Major
"Major stops in for a visit."

Since this summer was so much fun, I thought I would post a picture gallery of my many activities and friends. In closing I noticed that during my many car trips this summer: “the shortest distance between two points is always under construction.”